Can I just Bring my Own Keg?

We not only supply the beer, but we also provide a unique and cool experience that will leave you and your guests talking about your event for a long time. All you do is show up and have a good time while we take care of all the hassle. There is enough to worry about on your big day don't let beer and wine be one of them. Also we will lift the 160 lb kegs for you!​

are the drinks Cold?

Yes , the unit is a walk-in cooler that keeps the kegs at the optimal drinking temperature​!

What electrical requirements?

A standard 110V dedicated outlet​.

WHat if my event is outside amarillo?

Our price includes delivery within 50 miles of our headquarters. Any distances longer will require a delivery charge.

WHat if my event Goes longer than expected?

Provided that there are still drinks to go around we can stick around for a small fee.​

CAn the trailer go Inside?

If it fits and your venue allows it.​

How many kegs can it hold?

Trust us, enough. It can hold up to 24 kegs and it has 4 taps on each side for 8 total taps.​

How do I reserve party wheels for an event?

First take a look at our packages for different events, once you have an idea give us a call and a down payment will reserve your date.​

can you do a corporate event?

Of course! We can do corporate events, birthday parties, family reunions, weddings, and much more! ​

what all is included?

When you hire Party Wheels to make your event a hit, we handle all of the dirty work. We will gather all the drinks. Have the trailer ready to go and then handle the breakdown and returning of kegs.​